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How to Use Vimeo Video Downloader?

Here are those easy steps to help you to enjoy your preferred videos from Vimeo.

  • 1.Find the video on, which you would like to save on your computer, copy it URL. Open SaveFrom Vimeo downloader app and paste the URL unto the appropriate textbox.
  • 2. Make a choice of the given format options (MP3, MP4, or even more format) that your video will be converted, then click download.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions regarding SaveFrom and its services.)

  • The videos, which you downloaded from Vimeo are all stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder. This is done by default, as any other file that is automatically saved or hit CTRL + J and open your download history to see where they have been stored.

  • Run Google Chrome on your Android to use SaveFrom. Then take the same steps as you would for your desktop or laptop.

  • Sure. It is the same for how you would download any other video. Follow the live video and see when it has ended, then go to the SaveFrom and download the video.

  • Yes, you can be 100% sure of it. We do not keep tracks or store your downloaded videos anywhere. Your safety and privacy is a must to SaveFrom.