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Here’s Why You Should Be Using SaveFrom

Out of million of reasons why you should try and use SaveFrom we have listed just a few, which are considered to be the most important ones. Check them out and see if you are convinced.

  • Quick and never ending video Downloading

    We bet that you were looking for a Twitter video downloader that will get your tweets in a fast speed and that will be super easy to use. Well, we let you know that our Downloader is exactly what you were looking for.

  • The most popular Pages available for video Downloading

    Get the most of the tweets from Twitter now! You can also use our video downloader to save preferred videos from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other popular social media.

  • Fully supported Privacy and Safety

    We ensure absolute privacy and safety. We keep no records of any of the videos, which were downloaded with Save From. We like to build upon the trust of our users!

How to Use Twitter Video Downloader?

Here are those easy steps to help you to enjoy your preferred videos from Twitter.

  • 1.To start your tweet downloading process, the number one action you should do is to copy the link of tweet. The number two action will be to paste the tweet link into the input field of our video downloader.
  • 2. Bear in mind that before hitting the Download button you will be given several options for converting the tweet, as MP3, MP4 or other. Select the format you want the tweet to be downloaded.
  • 3. Once decided upon the format and you made your choice, click Download. In a few moments, your tweet will be saved on your device. You can enjoy watching it later whenever you like.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions regarding SaveFrom and its services.)

  • It is not difficult to find them, as, by default, they are all saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder. There is also something else you can do, in case you want a quicker search, just hit CTRL + J and open your download history. In this way you will also find where the tweets are located.

  • It works the same as it does on your desktop or laptop. Just run the Chrome browser and follow the instructions for using our Twitter video downloader.

  • Without any doubt, it does. Once the live tweet ends, copy its URL and just go to SaveFrom and download the tweet by its URL.

  • No, we keep no records anywhere. Every tweet is stored on the webservice own servers and directly onto your device. We like to ensure the safety and privacy of our users.